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I have experience teaching music to students from ages six and up and am comfortable teaching in group and private lesson settings. My teaching philosophy is to create a positive environment that inspires students to express themselves and feel like their skills and ideas are valued. My lessons involve teaching concepts from a variety of resources including books, videos, playing ear training and call and response games, singing rhythms and melodies and at times using analogies to relate music to the student's life. During my musical studies, I learned from both conceptual and technical teachers and I feel that both styles have their benefits. As a result, my goal is to provide students a balance of both styles teaching depending on their needs, so they can develop strong connection and understanding with the music they are learning. As time permits, I am willing to share my knowledge and experiences via in-person lessons, skype lessons, and clinics.


Teaching Topics






Drum Tuning/Maintenance

Odd Time Playing

Brush Playing


Hybrid Drumming (Electronic/Multi-percussion)



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