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Remote Sessions

I'm excited to announce that I am now available and equipped to provide high-quality custom drum set and percussion tracks and mixing for all of your project needs, from demos, film scores, jingles, and albums. My studio has the capabilities to record and mix multi-track drum set and percussion. I use the highest quality instruments, heads, microphones and a variety of tuning methods to achieve a wide variety drum tones. Whether you're in Tokyo, Japan or in Montreal, Canada I can easily send you custom drum tracks to suit your needs.

Why record remotely?
1) It’s cheaper because you save on the cost of renting a studio, paying an engineer and a session drummer.
2) Sound is high and the drum tone options are broad (vintage drums, modern drums, and electronic drum options)
3) Time the process usually takes 48 hours to complete.
4) Attention to detail; drum grooves and textures are discussed until the client is satisfied

-Three changes can be made within the original project quote. An additional charge will be applied for more alterations.
-The invoice must be paid in full before receiving the final drum tracks.
-Credit must be given to me on CD artwork, online, etc.


The client sends the track in mp3 format
Discuss track drum part (client can send reference tracks for drum sound, feel, and vibe)
The client pays a 50% deposit. I send mp3 rough mix for approval - alterations can be made at this point.
Payment and I send finished pre-mixes or a final mix depending on clients preference, in a high-quality format.

Sending Guide Tracks:
Send via Dropbox, Wetransfer or similar
16 bit, 44.1k consolidate (lined up to starting measure beat 1) in WAV or AIFF
Give me information about your desired sample rate, the song tempo.
The stereo stem of all instruments minus drums
Mono/stereo vocal
The stereo stem of any scratch drums
Reference tracks, charts, lyrics or notes
[No mp3 except for reference tracks - compression process extends the tempo]

Option 1: One Take $75
Listen, select drums and appropriate mics and send individual files
Client provides: Detailed info/chart about the tune - I send unmixed stems and a pre-mix

Option 2: Three Takes $150
One pre-mix Mp3 preview sent
Two alterations allowed
The client receives all three takes in HiFi 

Option 3: Unlimited Takes $200+
[Session: 4 hours $250 3-5 songs, Day: $500 8 hours 6-10 songs)

Percussion on a track $25/song
Mixing Stereo drum track $50
Drum hit samples $25/song (Medium and Hard hits)
Beat detection $50/hr

NOTE: 25% deposit required upon agreement of taking on the project.

What the client receives:


Consolidated (beat 1, measure 1) multitrack drum and percussion files for each drum mic (stereo files interleaved)
Alternate takes, percussion, loops - labeled accordingly
Recall sheet - mics, preamps, tuning, snares, and cymbals used


Logic Pro X

Audient ASP800 & iD14 Interface

Shure/AKG/Sennheiser Microphones

LP/Meinl Percussion Instruments
Remo Drumheads
Yamaha Drums
Paiste Cymbals

Demos Tracks
Fully mixed tracks in a number of styles
Dry/No EQ/No Compression
Light Compression and EQ
Master bus comp and EQ


Testimonials/Previous Project Samples


Jarryd Torff - Montreal, Canada
Justin J. - Chicago/Los Angeles, USA
David W. - Edmonton, Canada
Akua Carson - Toronto, Canada

SamJay - Edmonton, Canada
DJ LMNOP/Good Peoplez - Los Angeles, USA


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